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Top 4 Misconceptions About Free E-commerce Website Builders

Website builder eases the process of creating your e-commerce website. Due to its unique elements, you can build a great site with little or no experience within a minute. It simplifies the design task and development to a certain extent and gives your business a chance to get started.

Even though entrepreneurs commonly use e-commerce website builders, there are misconceptions about using them. Here are four misconceptions disapproved in this article:

You must be a professional to use e-commerce website builder

Professionals do a great job of designing websites. However, website builders do not require one to go to training to use. It is use- friendly with a simple and clear interface to enable you to develop a great site. All you need is creativity and understanding of how you want to design your website. Website builder will offer you great elements that will enable you to create a professional e-commerce website.

A site created using a free website builder is cheap and cannot attractcustomers’attention

This statement is certainly wrong. It all depends on your effort. If you take your time to interact with your customers to know what they like and dislike, you will end up creating a professional site that will align with their expectations. Also, researching to see what your competitors are designing their websites, will enable you to create one that is unique. These platforms will provide you with great features that will make your site look stunning.

A site that is created using website builders will never rank well in Google

Most website builders are optimized to search engines.  It is a fact that most of the websites that rank high on Google are created using a free e-commerce website builder. It all depends on the way you are going to design your site. Thus, when choosing a website builder ensures that it is optimized to search engines.

A free website builder will not allow you to make changes to your content

This statement is not true. A site created by website builders can easily be modified. These platforms will update you when to upgrade your site. Hence, you are free to control and change any content depending on the change in trends or business requirements.


Before you start creating your website, take your time and figure out how you want to design it. Interact with target customer to align your site with their expectations. By doing this, you will build a great site and will be ranked high on Google.


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