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4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Free E-commerce Website Builder for Small Businesses

E-commerce field is experiencing a dynamic growth for the past ten years. If you have a business or you want to start, an e-commerce website will help you capitalize on these explosive online sales. Free E-commerce website builder has played a crucial role in building a professional site. They are user-friendly. Hence, you can create your site easily without any training.

In this essence, you don’t need to hire a designer to build your website. This website builder offers you different templates for you to choose from. Also, they have a drag and drop option. Thus, you do not need to write a line of codes for you to come up with a great website. However not all e-commerce website builders will work well for you. How will you know that the builder you choose is the right for you? Here are four factors to consider when selecting a free e-commerce website builder:


Integration is a crucial factor that you should consider first. Before you choose a platform, ensure it has different applications and plugins you will require. Also, think of the tools you will need to design your website. But don’t forget about the website builder’s elements such as templates. They are important and should also be part of your consideration.


Security is a critical factor in marketing. Having a professional website will assure your customers that their credit card will be safe. Select a platform that supports HTTPS/SSL for security purposes. Also, consider the platform that uses card payment like the PCI-pay card industry.

Customer service

A vital factor of all businesses is Customer support. There are times you may need help when creating or operating through your website. To be sure that there will be someone to give you relevant feedback when you need help, consider a platform that offers 24/7 customer service.

For instance, the card payment process may have challenges, and your customers can’t wait for hours for you to solve the problem. In this way, you can contact customer support at any time, and you get help within seconds.

Ease to use

If you don’t have any knowledge about free website builders, select one that is easy to use. Look for one with powerful drag and drop editor to enable you to add galleries and contact information. By doing this, you will create a professional website within a minute.


Having a unique and professional website will make your products and service to be noticed easily. Also, your customers will be sure that their credit card information will be safe. By doing so, you will find your business stand out from competitors.


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